Metal L2 Grant Fund

Jul 3, 2024

For Innovative DApps and Projects

Metal L2 Grant Fund for Innovative DApps and Projects

Hey Metal Community,

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Grant Fund aimed at driving the growth and innovation of decentralized applications (DApps) and projects on Metal L2. As part of our commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, we are providing substantial $MTL incentives to support the development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions on Metal L2.

A Vision for a Scalable Future

At Metallicus, we envision a future where traditional finance seamlessly integrates with blockchain technology. Metal L2, our Layer 2 scaling solution built on the Optimism Superchain, is a significant step towards this vision. By leveraging Optimistic Rollups, Metal L2 addresses Ethereum's scalability challenges, offering faster and cheaper transactions while maintaining robust security.

Why a Grant Fund?

Deep liquidity and robust infrastructure are the cornerstones of a thriving DeFi ecosystem. Our grant fund aims to incentivize projects that can bring these elements to Metal L2. By providing $MTL incentives, we want to bootstrap liquidity, encourage innovative solutions, and ensure the sustainable growth of our ecosystem.

Why Metal L2 Network?

Joining the Metal L2 ecosystem offers unparalleled advantages for developers and projects.

Access to the Metallicus Digital Banking Network:

Metallicus is the core developer of the Metallicus Digital Banking Network, an interoperable system consisting of Layer 0, Layer 1, and Layer 2 blockchain solutions. The Layer 0 EVM-compatible Metal Blockchain enables financial institutions to create their own private subnets while maintaining seamless connectivity with the Metallicus Digital Banking Network. Designed to meet existing industry requirements like BSA compliance, it provides a robust foundation for financial institutions. By integrating with Metal L2 (The Banking Layer), you can connect to the broader Metallicus Digital Banking Network. We provide the tools to help you connect and integrate effectively.

Comprehensive Developer Stack:

Our stack provides all the essential tools to build innovative and secure on-chain applications while creating revenue opportunities and seamless fiat rails onto your application:

  • Metal Pay Connect: A compliant white labeled fiat onramp that allows seamless liquidity to come onchain via debit or credit card (and eventually bank payments through Metal blockchain). This can be easily integrated into your application, enabling liquidity into your DeFi pool or onchain app. Additionally, it offers revenue share opportunities, leveraging Metallicus's full-service capabilities across Web2 and Web3 digital banking.

  • Metal Identity: An onchain identity protocol designed to meet BSA compliance requirements, ensuring robust security and regulatory adherence.

  • Metal Dollar: A reserve-backed stablecoin index aggregating all Digital Banking Network stablecoins. Currently, you can mint from PYUSD, USDC, and PAX, providing a stable medium of exchange across the network.

Scalability and Interoperability:

Built on the Optimism Superchain, Metal L2 offers enhanced scalability and interoperability, ensuring your project can grow and interact seamlessly with other major blockchains. Everything built on Metal L2 is compatible with OP stack specifications, providing the necessary infrastructure to bring your ideas to life, including card payments and onchain KYC.

Community and Support:

By joining Metal L2, you'll become part of a vibrant community of developers, users, and innovators. Our team and community are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your project's success.

The Metal L2 network not only provides you with state-of-the-art tools but also positions your project within a future-proof, scalable, and interoperable ecosystem. Apply for our grant fund and be a part of revolutionizing the financial landscape.

Successful Proposals: Leading the Way

Three exciting proposals have already passed, setting the stage for a new era of development on Metal L2.

  1. Velodrome on Metal L2:

  • Overview: Velodrome, the largest native DApp on Optimism, will deploy on Metal L2 to help grow the ecosystem through deep liquidity pools.

  • Incentives: 1,020,000 MTL for voting incentives to bootstrap liquidity on the Metal L2 chain.

  • Impact: Velodrome's MetaDEX design will provide a seamless experience for traders, protocols, and governance participants, driving significant growth in trading volume and TVL.

  1. Ionic Protocol on Metal L2:

  • Overview: Ionic, the leading money market for yield-bearing assets, will deploy a Metal Market on Metal L2 to enhance capital efficiency.

  • Incentives: 275,000 MTL to provide voting incentives and bootstrap deep liquidity lending pools.

  • Impact: Ionic's isolated infrastructure design will enable advanced capital efficiency and secure lending pools, contributing to the ecosystem's overall growth.

  1. Biconomy on Metal L2:

  • Overview: Biconomy, the leading Account Abstraction infrastructure provider, will deploy its AA stack on Metal L2 to simplify blockchain development for DApps.

  • Incentives: 100,000 MTL for integration and maintenance costs, plus additional user incentives.

  • Impact: Biconomy's infrastructure will offer gasless transactions, transaction batching, and multi-chain signatures, enhancing the user experience and accelerating the adoption of Smart Accounts on Metal L2.

Join the Movement: Apply for the Grant Fund

We're looking for innovative DApps and projects that align with our vision of a scalable, interoperable, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. If you have a project that can contribute to the growth and development of Metal L2, we encourage you to apply for our grant fund.

What We're Looking For:

  • Deep Liquidity Solutions: Projects that can bootstrap liquidity and enhance capital efficiency.

  • Innovative DApps: Applications that offer unique solutions to real-world problems and enhance the user experience.

  • Infrastructure Projects: Tools and services that improve the overall functionality and usability of Metal L2.

How to Apply:

  • Proposal Submission: Submit your detailed proposal outlining your project, goals, and how it will benefit the Metal L2 ecosystem.

  • Review and Approval: Our team will review your proposal, and successful projects will be awarded $MTL incentives to kickstart development.

The Metal L2 Grant Fund is more than just financial support; it's a commitment to building a robust and innovative DeFi ecosystem. We are excited to see the groundbreaking projects that will emerge from this initiative and drive the next wave of growth on Metal L2.

If you want to talk to the Metal L2 team about your proposal before you submit it please contact

Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to tell everyone to #MoveToMetal.

For more information and to submit your proposal, visit Metal DAO Governance Dashboard.

Together, let's unlock the future of DeFi on Metal L2!

Best regards,
The Metallicus Team

Metal L2 shapes the compliant future of finance, forging interoperability across the Metal ecosystem, from fiat on-ramps to Layer 1 and Layer 0 synergy.

© 2024 Metallicus, Inc. All rights reserved.

Metal L2 shapes the compliant future of finance, forging interoperability across the Metal ecosystem, from fiat on-ramps to Layer 1 and Layer 0 synergy.

© 2024 Metallicus, Inc. All rights reserved.

Metal L2 shapes the compliant future of finance, forging interoperability across the Metal ecosystem, from fiat on-ramps to Layer 1 and Layer 0 synergy.

© 2024 Metallicus, Inc. All rights reserved.